How To Put On a Cosplay Wig

Wigs are an essential part of cosplay costume. Without wigs, cosplay characters will lose their soul. Knowing how to wear a wig properly is a fundamental lesson for every beginner cosplayer.

Step 1. The Net

The net is open at both ends, with both hands supporting.

Slide the hair net from the crown of your head down to your neck.

Step.2 Positioning(the Net)

Position the hair net with the edge seam facing downwards, then grasp the end without a seam using both hands and pull the hair net upwards

Adjust one end with the seam to the back of the hairline, scrunch the hair evenly, and secure it at the back of the head with small clips, ensuring not to leave any loose strands on the top.

Step.3 Put on the Wig

Recommended to secure the hair net firmly at the front, back, left, and right sides. Using bobby pins will make the hair net more secure.

Try putting on the wig to see how it looks.

Step.4 Finished

Brush it with a comb and The wig has been successfully worn!